Meeting with Lusofona University, 29 Jan 2010.

As member of the Steering Commitee for both the VIRCLASS and the SW-VirCamp projects Andres Astray visited Lusofona University to discuss the arrangements for the next partner meeting in June.

Minute from the meeting can be seen here: meeting with Lusofona

3rd VIRCLASS Consortium Meeting in Mannheim 9 June 2009

The The hosting institution Hochschule Mannheim had prepared the meeting in a good way. Students and teachers had prepared a barbeque for the teacher group and the Consortium members on Monday evening.

Anne Karin Larsen together with Andres Astray and Remmelt Veenkamp presented the year report for 2008/09: VIRCLASS year report 08_09 with the account 08_09

See the minute from our teacher meeting: Minute from the teacher meeting

See the minute with attachments from our Consortium meeting: Minute Consortium meeting 9 June 2009 . PPT/Andres Astray - related to point 4 in the minute international specialisation in SW

Presentation of Hochschule Mannheim by Alexander Noyon: presentation of Hochschule Mannheim

For pictures from the meeting see front page.


2nd VIRCLASS Consortium Meeting in Jönköping 3-5 June 2008

The second VIRCLASS consortium meeting was hosted by Jönköping University in June 2008. The Consortium is interested in increasing the partner group and will invite the new SW-VirCamp partners to become partners also in the consortium.  Planning a new module in Comparative Community Work and Community Development is part of the new application and to develop an international specialisation in the Social Work BA programme, offering VIRCLASS courses, placement and study abroad (60 -75 ECTS credits).

Consortium leaders and teachers meeting together in Jønkøping
Meetings can be hard work, fun and cost consuming. To reduce the cost, but hopefully not all the fun and good work VIRCLASS will for the next year hire an electronic conference room for online meetings (VITERO conference room). We will evaluate the effect and experience by using this room during and after the following year.

Picture from the Vitero Conference room demonstrated during the e-pedagogy course in May 2008

The next Consortium Meeting will take place in Mannheim 8-9 June 2009, with teacher meeting one day before.

jønkøping meeting

Development of new courses demands project grants and the e-pedagogy course as well as the new application for the SW-VirCamp have been part of the strategy for development of VIRCLASS.

Research and dissemination with focus on e-learning has been going on for a while and 2007 was a very productive year resulting in many publications both in national and international journals as well as paper presentations at conferences. In September 2008 a new publication will be published in the journal Social Work Education. The article is written by Larsen, AK., Sanders, R., Astray,AA., Hole,GO: E-teacher challenges and competences in International Comparative Social Work Courses.
A full publication list is available under publications and presentations

In relation to the plans of going worldwide and constructing a new module in Community Work and Development a research seminar is going to take place in the beginning of November in Cape Town. The focus for the seminar is to start a research group with focus on community work education and community work practice.

See the minute from the meeting and the VIRCLASS YEAR Report 2007/08

The Steering Commitee had a meeting to prepare the CMG meeting. See the minute

The teacher group had their meeting from 2-3 June 2008. The minute are available here



Minute from the meeting

Participants at the CMG meeting in Haarlem.

From left in front: Remmelt Veenkamp, Ingrid Wegman, Grete Oline Hole, Anne Karin Larsen, Ulla Törnig.

From left behind: Manuel Serrano, Andres Astray, Knut Simonsen, Klas-Göran Olsson

Ingrid Wegman, Inholland University of Applied Science is the chair lady of the Consortium.

Above:Klas-Göran Olsson presents ideas for expanding the VIRCLASS partnerships to worldwide partners when developing modules in Community Work.

Grete Oline Hole presenting the research strands in VIRCLASS


 The VIRCLASS meeting will be at the Miguel Torga University College 13 - 17 June 2007.

Programme Coimbra meeting and The Minute from the meeting

ISMT - Instituto Miguel Torga, Coimbra.

VIRCLASS teacher meeting.

Lunch in the garden in front of Miquel Torga University College

June 2007

The teacher group at the stairs of Coimbra University



This was the meeting were the draft for the Consortium Agreement was discussed and the letter of intent signed.

See the Minute from the meeting.