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The Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe –
the VIRCLASS project is a result of cooperation within the Thematic Network EUSW – European Social Work Commonalities and Differences. As a result of the two projects we are now able to offer an international educational programme in Social Work in Europe.
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This webpage has been taken over by a new webportal. The material in this webpage is available from the new webportal.

The new webportal have this address : http://vircamp.net the direct address to the VIRCLASS webpage material is:


Information about the VIRCLASS courses:

  • Social Work in Europe (Module 1) and
  • Comparative Social Work (Module 2 a,b,c)

will as a result of the incorporation of VIRCLASS in the new consortium SW-VirCamp be found at the webpage:

There you will also find information about the third module:

  • Community Work from an international perspective

Notice that the first module (Module 1) starts 27 September and that application deadline is 13 September.

See the Promotional Video: 

VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp Meeting in Lisboa in June 2010

14 - 15 June 2010 the SW-VirCamp Steering Commitee will meet in Lisboa, Portugal. - Minutes from the meeting - go to

On the 16 June there will be a VIRCLASS teacher meeting.

Minutes from the Teacher meeting 16 June 2010

17 -18 June we will have a Joint VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp Consortium meeting. Minutes from the SW-VirCamp/VIRCLASS joint Consortium meeting 17-18 June 2010 Lisbon

See the programmes for the meetings in Lisbon


17 June from 9-12 there will be an open half day seminar with presentation of the research made in VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp.

The VIRCLASS and SW-VirCamp Consortium Management group continue their meeting after lunch and end their meeting on Friday the 18 June (around 17:00).

Programme for the Joint Seminar

Programme and invitation Registration deadline 17 April 2010.


44 students started in the course Social Work in Europe - Commonalities and Differences autumn 2009 and 86% (38 students) finished the course in the middle of December. The number of students applying for the course have decreased since we first started the course in 2005 (99 students), but the success rate has increased a lot. The statistic show that in

2005: 61% finished the course, 2006: 48,7% finished, 2007: 58% finished, 2008: 64% finished and now in 2009: 86% finished the course.

The main reason for the success rate is that most of the students during the last year had the course integrated in the BA programme and the ECTS credits where integrated in their ordinary programme.

This is a result of curriculum development among all the partners in the VIRCLASS Consortium.