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The IUT-Paris Nord joined VIRCLASS from this year and French students entered the Community Work Module.


From Autumn 2008 KHKempen and Lusofona University became partners in VIRCLASS.

Two other partners will leave VIRCLASS from 2009:

Parma University and Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

See the adjusted  CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT 2008


12 partners participated in developing of the new application for SW-VIRCAMP the new Virtual Campus for Social Work in Europe.

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THE VIRCLASS CONSORTIUM was established in the end of April 2007.

Eight institutions have commited themselves to share the administrative costs for the running of the educational programme and to support by teachers and assessors needed for the programme.


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21. April 06
The aim of the VIRCLASS project is to develop and launch a new virtual classroom for social work in Europe based on multinational cooperation and to create educational modules that can be utilised by institutions in different countries.
A number of European educational institutions contributing to the VIRCLASS project and the thematic network EUSW (European Social Work) will contribute subject material, and different institutions will be partially responsible for carrying through the different topics.

Bergen University College (HiB) in cooperation with 10 universities in Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Wales, Sweden, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway will be responsible for the project and the development of online courses in Comparative Social Work.
The project leadership is to be accorded to Social Worker education at the Faculty of Health and Social Work with the consultancy services from the Media Centre Bergen University College.
In addition, representatives from local authorities in Bergen and a former professor from Fachhochschule Mannheim are connected to the project.
The target group for the course will be social workers and social work students in Europe who are interested in an international perspective on social work.

The course may be taken as an independent study or be integrated as an elective for a bachelor degree in social work, other further educational interests or a master degree depending on the flexibility on course requirements in individual institutions.
The course is based on two modules.
Module 1 is an introduction to social work in Europe.
Module 2 consists of three topics where students choose one.

All modules cover aspects of social work as a discipline and profession in Europe and provide students with several choices of theme. Completion of modules awards a total of 15 ECTS credits.
Both the courses will be based on use of the standardised e-learning platform ‘It’s learning’, the use of which Bergen University College has several years experience.

Students will work with tasks individually and in groups.
Evaluation is on the basis of a written individual assignment in Module 1 and of portfolio evaluation in Module 2.
In particular, it is the scope and breadth of international cooperation in developing an English language, international module in social work, where a common e-learning platform is used that is groundbreaking work.

This is the second time the courses are arranged. Students evaluation of the last courses were good and gave inspiration to continue to improve the product and make the courses more interactive and interesting.
Such close international cooperation in developing subject material adapted to e-learning within the field of social work has not been attempted before the VIRCLASS project.

This will supplement other international cooperation and stimulate new and engaging areas for development in professional work, pedagogy and cooperative research.