In the beginning of October 2009 the Consortium leader Ingrid Wegman and the project coordinator Anne Karin Larsen, viisted UIT-Paris Bobigny and met the Dean and other colleagues from the social work department. The educational programme was presented and also the new SW-VirCamp project was presented. The University is interested in become a partner in VIRCLASS and since the application deadline for the VIRCLASS courses had passed, they were offered to participate with students in the Community Work module in SW-VirCamp. 6 students form IUT-Paris applied for this new module and we hope they will like to become an e-learning student.



In 2009 - two of the partners in the SW-VirCamp project also signed the partnership agreement for the VIRCLASS Consortium. This is the University of Lusofona, Lisboa in Portugal and the KHKempen University of Applied Sciences, Geel, Belgium.

The VIRCLASS Consortium meeting in June 2010 will be hosted by Lusofona University.